News Release

News releases issued to the press and other media, as well as other important announcements in chronological order.

File Important Notice Regarding Board of Dental Examiners Dental Licensure Examination and Dental Hygiene Licensure Examination.
Revised As Of April 9, 2014
File Important Information Concerning the 2015 Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements for Dentists and Dental Hygienists.
File Board of Pharmacy's Emergency Contraception Oral Drug Therapy Program
Updated as of April 1, 2014
File Immunization of Persons 14 - 17 Years Old - Participating Pharmacies / Pharmacists
Updated as of April 1, 2014
File Important Notice Regarding Renewal of Exempt Out-Of-State Collection Agency ("COLAX") Designations
File PV Draft Guidelines
February 13, 2014
File Important Announcement Regarding Peer Reviewer Licensure Requirements
File Naturopathic Formulary
Effective February 7, 2014
File Read The Notice Regarding Sedation Changes
File 2014 Pharmacy Technician Survey Results
File Board of Veterinary Examiners Guidelines
File Notice to Pharmacists Regarding Veterinary Prescriptions
File Department of Health News Release on Expedited Partner Therapy
File Department of Health News Release on Expedited Partner Therapy
File Important Announcement Regarding All Supervising Appraisers and Trainees
File Important Announcement Regarding PTA Licensure
File Verification of One Hundred (100) Hours of Education to be Used to Satisfy the Requirement for Thirty - Six (36) Hours of Approved Continuing Education
File 2013 Optometrists Renewal Information
File News Release - Insurance Division Reminds Public About Hurricane Coverage
The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs' Insurance Division reminds the public that with the onset of hurricane season, which began June 1, now is a good time to review your insurance policies to ensure your home, condominium and business is covered in the case of a hurricane-related loss.
File News Release - Security Guard Changes
The Board of Private Detectives and Guards that is under the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) determined that it would allow some security guards to continue working past the upcoming registration deadline even if their application has not been completely processed.
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