Redistricting Software (2001): Maptician2

Maptician2 is an upgrade of GeoTrack2

Digital Engineering Corp. started to develop a free redistricting software package named GeoTrack2. As the program was improved, it was re-named Maptician2. The pre-releases of both were made available for free. But with the final release of Maptician2, Digital Engineering is now selling the registered version for $279. (The free demo version is only set up with Rhode Island data.)

Download relevant map themes

When you run Maptician2, you are running a specialized version of GIS(Geographic Information System) software. You have the ability to "overlay" map layers from many different sources (as long as it is in the same coordinate system). So if you are working on a plan for 2001 Senate, you can display the 1991 Senate boundaries as well as the proposed 2001 Senate and House boundaries. These GIS data layers can be downloaded from the internet. Some useful sites are:

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