Voter Rights and Responsibilities

Voter Rights:

  1. Your right to vote - anyone who is properly registered may vote in any election [HRS 11-11].
  2. Your right to secrecy of voting - A voter may keep his or her vote and political party preference secret. No one may look at or ask to see a voter's ballot [HRS 11-137].
  3. Your right to special assistance - A voter who has a disability or is unable to read and/or write, may receive special assistance [HRS 11-139].
  4. Your right to time off for voting - A voter may may take off from work in order to vote [HRS 11-95].
  5. Your right to spoil the ballot - Any voter may spoil a ballot and obtain another upon returning the spoiled one. Before returning the spoiled ballot, the voter shall conform to the procedures in order to retain secrecy of the vote [HRS 11-140].
  6. Your right to vote by absentee ballot - Any person registered to vote may cast an absentee ballot [HRS 15-2].
  7. Your right to challenge - On election day, any registered voter who is at the rightful polling place may challenge another voter's right to vote [HRS 11-25(b)]. Grounds for challenge are the person's identity and residency.
  8. Your right to appeal challenge decisions - Any challenged voter may appeal the decision of the city/county clerk or precinct official to the appropriate county Board of Registration (BOR) [HRS 11-26]. A person affected by the BOR's decision may appeal the decision to the Hawaii State Supreme Court [HRS 11-51].

Voter Responsibilities:


Report problems or violations of election laws.
Ensure your address is current on the voter registration list.
Smile! Treat precinct workers with courtesy.
Protect the privacy of others.
Obtain proper ID to verify your identity.
Not sure? Ask!
Study and know candidates and issues.
Inspect your ballot for accuracy.
Be on time, know your precinct's hours of operation.
Learn how to use the voting equipment properly.
Enjoy your voting experience!

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