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NOTE: ICSD forms are updated as required. A form should NOT be saved to your hard drive. A form should be downloaded at the time it is needed, thus assuring that you are using the most recent version. If you are not using the most recent version of a form, you run the risk of it being rejected.
Title Description Effective Date
AG-001 Contract for Professional Services Mar 30, 2016
AG-002 Contract for Goods and Services: Exempt, Small Purchase, Sole Source, or Emergency Feb 21, 2014
AG-003 Contract for Goods or Services Based Upon Invitation for Competitive Sealed Bids Jul 13, 2015
AG-004 Contract for Goods or Services Based Upon Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal Feb 28, 2012
AG-005 Supplemental Contract Mar 02, 2012
AG-008 103D General Conditions Oct 17, 2013
AG-009 Contractor's Acknowledgement Feb 28, 2012
AG-010 Contractor's Standards of Conduct Declaration Feb 28, 2012
AG-011 Attachment - S1, Scope of Services Aug 21, 2014
AG-012 Attachment - S2, Compensation and Payment Schedule Aug 21, 2014
AG-013 Attachment - S3, Time of Performance Aug 21, 2014
AG-014 Attachment - S4, Certificate of Exemption from Civil Service Feb 28, 2012
AG-015 Attachment - S5, Special Conditions Aug 21, 2014
AG-016 Attachment - S6, Supplemental Special Conditions Aug 21, 2014
AG-103F01 Competitive Purchase of Services Jul 13, 2015
AG-103F02 Treatment Purchase of Service Mar 23, 2012
AG-103F03 Restrictive Purchase of Service Apr 22, 2013
AG-103F04 Crisis Purchase of Service Mar 23, 2012
AG-103F05 Small Purchase of Service Mar 23, 2012
AG-103F06 Transactions Exempt from Chapter 13F, HRS Jul 13, 2015