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As a community service, the State of Hawaii is making an effort to bring as many forms as possible to the public.  However, due to the special nature of some forms, their publication is not feasible.  Examples are forms printed on special types of paper and/or in irregular sizes.  If a State agency is not found on the first visit, please return, as this page will be updated regularly.

The list of forms will be displayed by clicking on the State agency name on the left pane.

Please note the forms reproduction policies of the State agencies which receive these documents, if published.  When you have completed the forms, please submit them to the State agency address noted on each form.  If you have questions about these documents, please contact the respective State agency.



To view and/or print forms, Adobe® Acrobat Reader Freeware is needed.  The printer icon on its toolbar should be used to print a document. Some forms are in a Microsoft Office Format (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Please download a viewer if you do not have any of these products installed on your PC. The document shown on the screen, in some cases, may lack clarity, and impede readability.  However, when the document is printed, it is clear and readable at all times.



  • Forms must be reproductions of the original State agency forms produced by computer or laser printing, or other similar reproduction process.
  • Reproductions must be on paper of substantially the same weight as that used in the State agency-issued forms (18-lb. weight or heavier).
  • Reproductions must have a high standard of print quality and readability, both as to the forms themselves and to the filled-in information.  A State agency reserves the right to reject reproduction, by any individual, which fails to meet these standards.
  • Unless exceptions are noted, reproductions must be the same size as the original form, both as to overall dimensions of the paper and the reproduced image on it.  Most forms use 8 1/2 by 11-inch-sized paper.  A red box in the upper left corner of the document designates 8 1/2 by 14-inch-sized paper (known as legal size).  Files downloaded from the Internet may appear shrunken when printed by your printer.  If the degree of shrinkage is 5% or less, the State agency will accept the forms.
  • Black print on white paper is required.  Single-sided forms are acceptable.
  • Please submit two copies of each form to the State agency.  Original signatures are required on the original of the form; the second form may contain signature copies.