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Honolulu International Airport

Interisland Terminal (15)

Ground was broken for the new Interisland Terminal at HNL on November 22, 1989.

Commuter Terminal (16)

The Commuter Terminal was dedicated in June 1988. It served as an interim terminal for Hawaiian Airlines while the new Interisland Terminal was being constructed.

Reef Runway (14)


South Ramp/General Aviation (6)

General aviation and cargo facilities are located on the South Ramp at Honolulu International Airport.

Aerial Photos (127)

Various aerial photos of the Honolulu International Airport/Hickam Air Force Base Complex, including both the North and South Ramps.

Aircraft at HNL (44)

Many different Interisland, Domestic and International airlines served Honolulu International Airport in the 1980s.

HNL Master Plans (4)

Various master plan maps of HNL.

Crash/Fire/Rescue (6)

There are two Crash/Fire/Rescue stations at HNL. Continuous training keeps the crews ready to respond in aircraft or terminal emergencies.

Lei Stands (4)


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