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Governor's Executive Orders Mana Airport

Mana Airport was established by the Territorial Legislature in 1928 and land was set aside by Governor's Executive Orders. The area was later acquired by the Army for Mana Airport Military Reservation.

GEO    No.    




 331 12 May1928                 550.46 Territorial Airport to be under the control and management of the Territorial Aeronautical Commission.
 732 16 January 1937  550.46 Cancelled EO 331 as no planes had landed at temporary land field in five years.
 887 29 June 1940  548.57 Land set aside for use and purposes of the U.S. for a site for the Mana Airport Military Reservation, Mana, Waimea, Kauai.
 945 10 June   1941  606.00 Addtions to Mana Airport Military Reservation.

Copies of all EOs may be viewed at the Hawaii State Archives.

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