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Airfields on the island of Maui were located at Hana and several locations in the vicinity of Kahului.

The Beginning of Aviation on Maui
Hamoa Airport (Old Hana Airport)
The original Hana Airport was a small grass field located at Hamoa. It was served by Inter-Island Airways with eight-passenger amphibians from May 1935 to the start of World War II.
Governor's Executive Orders Old Hana Airport at Haneoo
Old Hana Airport operated under authority of the Territory from 1935 to 1951 when it was replaced by the new Hana Airport a short distance away.
Hana Airport
The new Hana Airport was officially opened on November 11, 1950 to serve residents of Hana and visitors.
Governor's Executive Orders Hana Airport
Land for Hana Airport was conveyed through Governor's Orders.
Hana Airport Air Traffic Statistics
Kaanapali Airstrip
Kaanapali Airstrip Air Traffic Statistics
Kahului Airport
Governor's Executive Orders Kahului Airport
Kahului Airport Air Traffic Statistics
Kapalua Airport (West Maui)
Kapalua Airport Air Traffic Statistics
Kula Airport
Lahaina Airport
Maalaea Airport
Maalaea Airport operated on Maui from 1930 to 1939 when Puunene Airport opened.
Naval Air Station 27 (Kahului)
Naval Air Station 30 (Puunene)
Governor's Executive Orders Maalaea Airport
Maalaea airport operated from 1927-1939.
Maui Airport (Puunene)
Governor's Executive Orders Maui Airport
Maui District Airport Managers
The Department of Transportation, Airports Division, appoints a District Manager to operate the state airports in each county. In Maui County the airports include Hana, Kahului, Kapalua, Lanai, Kalaupapa and Molokai.

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