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Pioneer Airlines

Inter-Island Airways, later to become Hawaiian Airlines, launched the first commercial interisland air service in Hawaii in 1929, and was followed by Pan American World Airways which offered flights from the Mainland to Asia through Hawaii in 1935. Other early carriers to Hawaii were Qantas, Philippine Air Lines, United Air Lines, Northwest Orient Airlines, Canadian Pacific Air Lines, Trans International Airlines, Japan Air Lines, World Airways, British Overseas Airways Corp., UTA French Airlines, Continental Airlines, TEAL, Trans-Pacific Airlines (later Aloha Airlines), Andrew Flying Service, and Gambo Flying Service.

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Inter-Island Airways/Hawaiian Airlines
Inter-Island Airways inaugurated Hawaii's first commercial interisland passenger service on November 11, 1929 using two Sikorsky S-38 amphibians planes. They later changed their name to Hawaiian Airlines.
Pan American Airways
Pan American Airways made its inaugural trans-Pacific service to Asia through Honolulu on April 17, 1935 in the S-42 Pioneer Clipper. On November 23, 1935 the China Clipper arrived in Hawaii with the first air mail.
Aloha Airlines
Trans-Pacific Airlines, later renamed Aloha Airlines, began interisland service in 1946.
Andrew Flying Service
Andrew Flying Service began in 1932.
British Overseas Airways Corp.
BOAC launched service to Honolulu on August 23, 1959.
Canadian Pacific Air Lines
Canadian Pacific Air Lines inaugurated service to Honolulu on July 13, 1949.
Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines inaugurated service to Honolulu on September 2, 1964.
EVA Air launched Hawaii flights in 1994.
Gambo Flying Service
Gambo Flying Service was started in 1939.
Japan Air Lines
Japan Air Lines inaugurated service between Tokyo, Honolulu and San Francisco in 1954.
Northwest Orient Airlines
Northwest Orient Airlines began serving Hawaii on December 22, 1948.
Omni Air began service to Hawaii in 1998.
Philippine Air Lines
Philippine Air Lines began service to Hawaii in 1947.
Qantas flew its first flight into Honolulu on September 26, 1941.
TEAL inaugurated passenger service to Hawaii
Trans International Airlines
Trans International Airlines inaugurated service to Hawaii in 1950.
United Air Lines
United Airlines began service to Honolulu on May 1, 1947.
World Airways
World Airways began service to Hawaii in 1956.

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