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Airport Zoning Board

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The Airport Zoning Board met from August 15, 1952 to November 6, 1959. Minutes of their meetings are available.

AZB Minutes 1952-08-15
Summary: first meeting of board; review of draft zoning regulations; proposed plan for determining obstructions to air navigation for all Territorial airports; regulations for procedures for enforcement.
AZB Minutes 1952-09-05
Summary: proposed zoning regulations; amendment to Acts; powers to HAC director; height zoning; hazard areas; recommendations concerning land usage adjacent to all airports.
AZB Minutes 1952-11-26
Summary: proposed zoning regulations; non-conforming structures.
AZB Minutes 1952-12-15
Summary: special meeting to hold an information discussion on the draft of Airport Zoning Regulations to prepare them for public hearing.
AZB Minutes 1952-12-22
Summary: special meeting to discuss definitions, 90-day notice forproposed zoning regulations; rules & regulations and the variances come under Airport Zoning Board but enforcement comes under HAC.
AZB Minutes 1953-02-27
Summary: special meeting to consider CAA comments on proposed airport zoning rules & regulations; Thurston land in Kona; CAA letter to HAC re engineering survey.
AZB Minutes 1953-03-10
Summary: special meeting to consider comments from MATS regarding proposed rules & regulations; survey maps; interpretation of Act; hearing notice.
AZB Minutes 1953-04-01
Summary: minutes of public hearing to discuss proposed airport zoning regulations.
AZB Minutes 1953-04-08
Summary: special meeting to consider additions and amendments to proposed regulations; development of a new draft; airport hazard area, military airports; subhearings.
AZB Minutes 1953-04-25
Summary: minutes of public hearing on Kauai on proposed rules & regulations.
AZB Minutes 1953-05-15
Summary: minutes of public hearing in Hilo on proposed rules & regulations.
AZB Minutes 1953-05-16
Summary: minutes of public hearing in Kailua-Kona on proposed airport zoning regulations.
AZB Minutes 1953-05-29
Summary: informal hearing of regulations which would regulate heights, distances and construction or any obstruction in or around the perimeter of an airport;
AZB Minutes 1953-06-15
Summary: special meeting re proposed park at Keehi Lagoon; industrial development west of Kahului Airport; growing of sugar cane around Kahului Airport.
AZB Minutes 1953-06-19
Summary: minutes of public hearing in Kahului on the proposed zoning rules & regulations.
AZB Minutes 1953-09-25
Summary: special meeting to adopt seventh draft of Airport Zoning Regulations.
AZB Minutes 1954-01-06
Minutes: reaffirmation of adoption of Airport Zoning Regulations.
AZB Minutes 1955-08-30
Summary: request from Hawaiian Electric for variance from regulations in regard to electric poles.
AZB Minutes 1957-04-26
Summary: request from Navy to zone the areas around NAS Barbers Point; MCAS Kaneohe Bay, and Bonham Auxiliary Landing Field, Kauai, for airport purposes.
AZB Minutes 1958-01-09
Summary: zoning for military airports; break down of zoning enforcement procedures; letter from HECO re serious enforcement problems.
AZB Minutes 1958-09-04
Summary: HECO desire to install pole lines to serve the new industrial area at the corner of Nimitz Highway and Lagoon Drive.
AZB Minutes 1959-08-05
Summary: Hawaiian Telephone Company's request for a variance in Kamuela and Holualoa, Kona.
AZB Minutes 1959-11-06
Summary: special meeting to review the facts involved and considering the granting of a variance requested by Oahu Transport Company for the construction of a warehouse on Sand Island Access Road.

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