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Effective August 4, 2016 HNL will open two additional Service and Transit Animal Relief Stations in the Sterile area.  They are located at the inter-island terminal ground level, in the C.B. Lansing Garden and in the Overseas Terminal Central Concourse ground level in the Hawaiian Garden.


These service and transit animal relief stations require that service animals be leashed at all times and under the direct control of its’ owner/handler. The Honolulu International Airport will provide fresh water, plastic bags and a trash receptacle for handlers/owners. The areas will be partially enclosed with a low fence and identified by signs. We encouraged the use of these areas and request that owner tidy up after their pets.



Come Monday, April 4, Baggage Storage™ by SmarteCarte is offering attended baggage storage services at the Honolulu International Airport. MORE>>


Welcome to the Official Honolulu International Airport website.  HNL is the largest airport in the State of Hawaii and is located in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.  From Honolulu you can fly to all of the Hawaiian islands. 


There are also departures daily from HNL to Anchorage, Atlanta, Belllingham, Brisbane, Calgary, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Guam, Haneda, Houston, Incheon, Kansai, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, Nagoya, Narita, Newark, Oakland, Pago Pago, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle-Tacoma, Seoul, Sydney and Vancouver.


We look forward to seeing you in Hawaii this year.


Other Hawaii Airports

Modernization Program at HNL

The $2.3-billion Hawai‘i Airports Modernization Program announced by Governor Linda Lingle in March 2006 is now well under way, with important improvements already completed or under construction at all major airports in the system. Explore the Modernization website to learn more about this vital effort to improve the security, safety, capacity, and efficiency of Hawai‘i’s airports system.

Sustainability at HNL

SustainableHNL (sHNL) is the first airport sustainability initiative and pilot for the Hawaii Department of Transportation—Airport’s Division, SustainableDOT-A's (sDOT-A) airport system sustainability program.

Aviation Safety

To reduce the potential for a runway incursion, pilots are reminded to hold at the first double-solid line you approach unless cleared specifically to cross the hold position onto or across the adjacent runway. Pilots are also urged to insure they are aligned on the correct runway. If in doubt or unsure of an instruction from ATC, be sure to clarify with the controller before proceeding. The HNL Aviation Safety Video, prepared by FAA in conjunction with DOTA and industry organizations, addresses these issues and should be viewed by all pilots using HNL.