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Baggage Claim

Baggage claim


Baggage Claim is located on the ground level of all terminals.  Check terminal and roadway signs for the location of the baggage carousels that your airline uses.


You can also check for the Baggage Claim area by going to our Flight Information webpage. Find your airline and flight and note the baggage claim location in the far right column.


If you are picking up an arriving passenger, you can park in one of the public parking lots and find your passenger in the Baggage Claim Area.  Or, you may wait in one of the Cell Phone Waiting Areas for them to pick up their luggage and move it outside to the curb.  They can then call you on a cell phone and you can pick them up.


Curbs are reserved for active loading and unloading of passengers and luggage. Airport security strictly enforces the no parking ban. 

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