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Intra-Airport Transportation



Honolulu International Airport provides free transportation for passengers to travel between Gates and Terminals.  


After clearing security, departing overseas passengers may catch a bus on the third level of the Overseas Terminal for a ride to their Gate in either the Ewa or Diamond Head Concourses.  Elevators and escalators provide access to the third level.


Arriving overseas passengers in the Ewa and Diamond Head concourses may catch a bus outside of their Gates back to the main terminal or to the Interisland Terminal.  You will be dropped off near escalators and elevators to the Baggage Claim area.


Passengers checking in at the Interisland Terminal for a Mainland flight in the Overseas Terminal may catch a bus on the third level for a ride to their Gate.


Buses also operate between the Commuter, Interisland and Overseas Terminals.  Signs are posted at curbside on the ground level showing the bus stops.


Buses operate between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily.


To print a map of the HNL Intra-Terminal Wiki-Wiki Bus route

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