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ITO Management

Hilo International Airport is part of the Hawaii Airport District of the Hawaii State Airport System.


Chauncey Wong Yuen is the Hawaii District Manager and is located at Kona International Airport at Keahole.  He may be reached at (808) 327-9520.


The Assistant Airport District Manager is located at Hilo International Airport.  He may be reached at (808) 961-9300.


Hawaii Airports District is responsible for Hilo International and Kona International airports, and the general aviation airports at Upolu and Waimea-Kohala.



Hilo International Airport is operated by a team of professionals. The team includes:


Chauncey Wong Yuen 

District Manager (Located in Kona)                                

(808) 327-9520

(808) 329-7414 (fax) 


Steve Santiago

Assistant Airports District Manager (Located in Hilo)          

(808) 961-9300

(808) 961-9307 (fax)


Maintenance Section                            

(808) 961-9336


Airport Fire Commander                     

(808) 961-9316


Airport Security                                                                                   

(808) 961-9338


Airport Custodial                                                                                 

(808) 961-9328


Visitor Information                                                                               

(808) 961-9322

(808) 961-9321


Property Manager                                                                               

(808) 838-8676


Personnel Officer                                                                                 

(808) 838-8614


Engineering Program Manager                                                 

(808) 838-8835


Environmental Engineer                                                            

(808) 838-8001



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