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How early should I arrive prior to a flight?

Check with your airline.  Each airline has different check-in requirements.


I have a connecting flight to a neighbor island from Lihue Airport.  How is my luggage being handled?

Most airlines will check your luggage through to your final destination.  Please request your checked luggage is tagged to your final destination at your point of origin. Your ticket jacket contains claim tickets for your individual pieces of luggage. The claim ticket has the airport code for the final destination for your luggage.  Example: You have claim tickets and are arriving at Honolulu International Airport and you have a connecting flight to LIH (Kauai).If the final destination on the claim ticket reads HNL, your luggage will be dropped off at Honolulu International Airport. You will need to retrieve your luggage in Honolulu and re-check it to your final destination. The common Hawaii airport codes are:


  • HNL  Honolulu
  • ITO   Hilo
  • KOA  Kona
  • LIH   Lihue
  • OGG Kahului

Is there some sort of visitor information assistance at the airports?    

All major islands except Lanai have a Visitor Information Program at the airport which assists the traveling public with airport and visitor information.   


For passengers with short layovers at Lihue, are there facilities for showering and short naps?



Are there baggage/luggage lockers or baggage storage facility at Lihue Airport, where are they located, and what are the rates, sizes available, and hours or operation?

Due to enhanced airport security requirements, baggage storage and locker facilities at Lihue Airport are not available.  


Are there wheelchairs available for use by disabled passengers?

Airlines provide assistance to passengers with special needs through their skycap (porter) service.  Disabled passengers should make arrangements with their air carrier in advance, preferably when reservations are made/confirmed. 


How can I comment or make a suggestion about my experiences at the airport?

The Airports Division maintains the Airports Suggestion Hotline which accepts comments and suggestions from the public.  The hotline has handled comments ranging from commendations for airport/airline employees to the amount of noise generated by aircraft operations.  The phone number for the hotline is 1-888-697-7813. 


Is it necessary to rent a car on Kauai?   

There is public transportation on Kauai.  Rental cars and taxis are available.


 I have a product and/or service that I think the airport can use.  Who shall  I contact?

Please write a letter describing the product and/or service and a brief description about your company to the respective Airport Manager with a courtesy copy to the Airports Administrator.




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