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Hawai`i Agriculture & Food Products Database

Search the Database of Hawai`i Agriculture & Food Products to find a specific producer or product that interests you, or just browse the listings to view the large variety of products Hawai`i has to offer

  • You may search the database of Hawaii Agriculture & Food Products by any criteria you see here or in any combination.
  • If you select several criteria, your search results must match all the criteria you have listed.
  • If the Exporter box is checked, the search results will contain only those producers who have indicated that they sell outside the State of Hawaii. If the Exporter box is left unchecked, your results will contain all producers in our database that meet any other search criteria you have chosen.
  • A list of Hawaii agriculture associations is available by searching for "association" in the company field.
  • View Search Tips to refine your Company Name/Keywork search

This site is presented by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, as a public service to Hawaii's agricultural community.

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