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About HHTI

The Hawaii Healthcare Transformation Initiative is a public-private partnership that aims to engage stakeholders in identifying strategies that will result in a significant, positive change in how we deliver and pay for care, use information for continuous improvement, and shape public policy and programs to support these changes.  Specifically, the four-point strategy focuses on:

  1. Identifying changes needed in our healthcare delivery system to improve coordinating care for patients with the greatest and most expensive needs;
  2. Identifying innovative payments models that reimburse for outcome improvements in our healthcare delivery system, which reduce costs while improving quality and satisfaction;
  3. Making better use of health information technology (including electronic health records and exchange of health information), and using health data to improve care and reduce medical errors, waste and abuse.
  4. Leveraging state government’s status as healthcare purchaser for one-third of the state’s population to rapidly achieve the innovations outlined above.




In addition to a 15-member Executive Committee, five working groups (known as “domains”) have been established to focus on various aspects of healthcare transformation:

  • Delivery System
  • Payment Innovation
  • Transformative Health IT
  • Government Policy and Purchasing
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Prepaid Health Care Act (PHCA) Coordination


HHTI is also supported by a 60-member Transformation Council, which includes representatives of state and county government, labor unions, businesses and various healthcare organizations, including hospitals, service providers, and advocacy groups.

Our goal is to have a draft plan that outlines our Roadmap for Transformation later this summer.  We are committed to embarking on a robust public education campaign to solicit and gather input on our plan.