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Delivery System Domain


  1. Identify best practices to transform healthcare delivery system.
  2. Recommend priorities for change based on strengths, needs, resources and feasibility.
  3. Identify other parts of the system that need to be altered to support delivery system changes, as applicable.
  4. Identify workforce and resource distribution issues.
  5. Identify strategies and tactics and prepare a report to the Executive Committee.


  1. Chris Flanders, Hawaii Medical Association, Co-Chair
  2. Tom Tsang, Governor’s Sr. Policy Advisor, Co-Chair
  3. Howard Ainsley, Hilo Medical Center
  4. Dean Mary Boland, UH School of Nursing
  5. Beth Giesting, Office of the Governor
  6. Marya Grambs, Mental Health America
  7. Sen. Josh Green, Senate Health Committee
  8. James Hardway, Workforce Development Council
  9. Stuart Ho, AARP
  10. Stephen Kemble, Hawaii Health Authority
  11. Wesley Lum, Executive Office on Aging
  12. Spencer Owades, Maui Oral Health Center
  13. Ginny Pressler, Hawaii Pacific Health
  14. Hilton Raethel, HMSA
  15. Vija Sehgal, Waiʻanae Coast Comprehensive Health Center
  16. Paul Strauss, AlohaCare
  17. Nadine Tenn Salle, Hawaii Independent Physicians Association
  18. Curtis Toma, MedQUEST Division
  19. Cristina Vocalan, Hawaii Primary Care Association
  20. Kelley Withy, JABSOM