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Executive Committee


  1. Shape overall agenda and process for planning implementation.
  2. Share perspectives on aspects of healthcare transformation.
  3. Outline expectations for committees.
  4. Review/amend/integrate/adapt domain reports and other information for use in Overall Plan, including identifying priorities, needed resources and regulatory considerations.
  5. Approval of final product and advocate for its acceptance.



  1. Beth Giesting, Healthcare Transformation Coordinator, Co-Chair
  2. Ginny Pressler, MD, Hawaii Pacific Health, Co-Chair
  3. Joan Danieley, Kaiser Permanente
  4. Jennifer Diesman, HMSA
  5. Chris Flanders, DO, HMA
  6. George Greene, Healthcare Association of Hawaii
  7. Robert Hirokawa, Hawaii Primary Care Association
  8. Stephen Kemble, MD, Hawaii Health Authority
  9. Barbara Kim Stanton, AARP
  10. Christine Sakuda, Hawaii Health Information Exchange
  11. Nadine Tenn Salle, MD, Hawaii Independent Physicians Association
  12. Jim Tollefson, Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii
  13. Kelley Withy, MD, John A. Burns School of Medicine
  14. Paula Yoshioka, The Queen's Health Systems