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Government Policy


  1. Identify government functional changes that would better support healthcare delivery system, payment changes and HIT.
  2. Recommend priorities for change based on strengths, needs, resources and feasibility.
  3. Identify other parts of the system that need to be altered to support HIT changes, as applicable.
  4. Identify issues that support or hinder such changes.
  5. Identify strategies and tactics and prepare a report to the Executive Committee.


  1. Beth Giesting, Healthcare Transformation Coordinator, Co-Chair
  2. Ginny Pressler, MD, Hawaii Pacific Health, Co-Chair
  3. Coral Andrews, Hawaii Health Connector
  4. Paula Arcena, AlohaCare
  5. Sen. Roz Baker, Senate Consumer Protection Committee
  6. Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland, Senate Human Services Committee
  7. Barbara Coriell, EUTF
  8. Jennifer Diesman, HMSA
  9. Loretta Fuddy, Department of Health
  10. Guy Fujimura, ILWU
  11. Sen. Josh Green, Senate Health Committee
  12. Rep. Bob Herkes, House Consumer Protection Committee
  13. Sen. David Ige, Senate Ways and Means Committee
  14. Gordon Ito, State Insurance Commissioner
  15. Pat McManaman, Department of Human Services
  16. Rep. John Mizuno, House Human Services Committee
  17. Rep. Dee Morikawa, House Health Committee
  18. Karolyn Mossman, HSTA
  19. JN Musto, UHPA
  20. Rep. Marcus Oshiro, House Finance Committee
  21. Leolinda Parlin, Hilo`paa
  22. Randy Perreira, HGEA
  23. Kate Stanley, Office of the Governor
  24. Jeff Torres, Ohana Health Plan
  25. Rep. Ryan Yamane, House Health Committee