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Payment Innovation Domain


  1. Identify payment changes to support changes needed in healthcare delivery system.
  2. Recommend priorities for change based on strengths, needs, resources and feasibility.
  3. Identify other parts of the system that need to be altered to support payment system changes, as applicable.
  4. Identify issues that support or hinder such changes.
  5. Identify strategies and tactics and prepare a report to the Executive Committee.


  1. Joan Danieley, Kaiser Permanente, Co-Chair
  2. Tom Tsang, Governor’s Sr. Policy Advisor, Co-Chair
  3. Clifford Alakai, Maui Medical Group
  4. Garet Azama, HMSA
  5. Richard Bettini, Wai’anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center
  6. Pua Chan, UHA
  7. Barbara Coriell, EUTF
  8. Beth Giesting, Office of the Governor
  9. Sen. Josh Green, Senate Health Chair
  10. George Greene, Healthcare Association of Hawaii
  11. Kris Hanselman, UHPA
  12. David Heywood, UnitedHealthcare
  13. Stephen Kemble, Hawaii Health Authority
  14. John McComas, AlohaCare
  15. Keka Sanborn, HPH
  16. Jim Tollefson, Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii
  17. Curtis Toma, Med-QUEST Division