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Fueling the Economy



Honolulu International Airport is a major asset and benefit to the people of Hawaii.  In 2008, nearly 19 million passengers arrived, transited and departed from HNL.  This number is expected to grow as the economy improves and business and leisure travel grows.


Visitor travel will continue to play a major role in creating demand for sufficient passenger facilities.  However, HNL must not only provide for tourism based visitors, it must provide facilities for continuing international, domestic, and statewide business, trade and commerce.


Honolulu International serves as home-base to numerous and varied enterprises that contribute directly to the state economy, including air carriers and all-cargo airlines; terminal concessionaires; fixed base operators; government agencies; ground transportation and tour operators, and other industries.


As Hawaii’s largest population center, the City and County of Honolulu generates the great share of direct airport revenue. 


As an island economy surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii’s livelihood is especially dependent on its links to statewide, national and international commerce, culture, business and trade.


Honolulu International Airport is the primary overseas and interisland connection, facilitating commercial ties and business relationships, providing access to markets, conveying information, inputs and products, and bringing visitors to Hawaii’s shores.  By sustaining these linkages, Hawaii’s airports help keep us connected with the world.



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