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Airport History


Hana Airport 1948


The original Hana Airport was a small grass field located at Hamoa.  It was served by Inter-Island Airways with 8-passenger amphibians from May 1935 to the start of World War II.  Further developments brought the use of 16-passenger amphibians and 24-passenger land planes, which were too big to use the field.  Scheduled service was discontinued and the entire Hana area fell victim to technological development and became dependent on the infrequent service of small unscheduled aircraft.


Although Hana is approximately 55 miles from Kahului by road, it is a strenuous drive of 2 1/2 hours.  It was felt that the time involved in travelling on the highways, plus the increase in population and the growth of Hotel Hana Maui justified scheduled airline operations into the area.


A new airport was constructed and opened to scheduled traffic on November 11, 1950.  The land was owned in part by the Territory, the balance donated by Hana Ranch Co.  The Federal government, through the CAA, participated in the cost of developing the facilities.


In 1955, the airport consisted of 125 acres of land, and had one paved runway, 8-26, which was 100-feet wide and 3,600-feet long.  The only scheduled service was by Hawaiian Airlines.  The airport has a passenger terminal building, a freight terminal building, taxiways, paved plane parking area, wind socks, field maintenance, Crash-Fire protection and ground transportation services.


June 30, 1956

A verbal offer by Paul Fagan of sufficient land to extend the Hana runway an additional 2,000 feet was accepted by the Commission.


A project to renovate the Terminal building was underway for $7,335.  Grading of the overrun area was underway for $3,500.


A new water supply system was in the planning stage for $2,000.


July 20, 1956

Pavement rehabilitation was completed.  Cost: $6,802.


June 30, 1957

The HAC accepted a deed from Hana Ranch Co., Ltd. for 19.8 acres of land adjacent to Hana airport for the ultimate expansion of the airport.


March 19, 1963

Hana Airport was connected to the county water system under a project completed March 19, 1963 at a cost of $20,352.  It is no longer necessary to truck drinking water to the airport.


November 8, 1967

A contract to slurry seal the runway was completed at a cost of $18,781.


January 20, 1969

Repairs to the Airport Access Road were completed, $17,993.


January 22, 1971

Removal of obstructions in the clear zone of Runway 8-26 was completed, $22,000.



The FAA began to implement the Airport and Airways Development Act of 1970 under a plan entitled the Airport Certification Program.  Under this program, every airport serving air carriers certified by the Civil Aeronautics Board must maintain certificates from the FAA to remain in operation.


This program imposes an entirely new system of inspections, record-keeping and reporting on airports and will require additional funds and personnel to meet its stringent requirements.


The FAA also published a “Notice of Proposed rule-Making on Aviation Security” and began to implement an airport security system. This new program will also mean new obligations for the Airports Division and will require equipment expenditures and personnel increases.


Under the requirements of the Airport Certification Program, an Airports Division Procedures Manual was produced in draft form and manuals were also drafted for each airport serving CAB-certified carriers.


After a lapse of several years, the FAA revived a system of inspections under its Compliance Program, and inspected all airports within the State.  Hawaii’s airports passed inspection in every important respect, and corrective measures were initiated to correct some minor instances of non-compliance, such as lack of adequate clear zones.


June 1975

Hana Airport had no control tower and one paved, lighted runway.  It had one crash fire vehicle and a single attendant.  It was served by nonscheduled small aircraft only.


FY 1977

A project for taxiway and runway resurfacing at Hana was delayed because of load limitations placed on highway bridges over which asphaltic concrete must be hauled.


July 12, 1977

A contract was awarded for strengthening the runway and improving lighting, $683,035.


FY 1984

Future plans for the Hana Airport include clearing and grading of runway areas to meet FAA rules and regulations.  Site work will also include new fencing to keep out unwanted people and cattle and reduce the size of a mound in the area. The $500,000 project is expected to get underway in FY 1985.


May 1986

Improvements to the runway safety area were completed, $500,000.


FY 1997

Design work is in progress for a Precision Approach Path Indicator to provide safer landings.


October 2000

A Precision Approach Path Indication (PAPI) was installed.  Cost: $250,000.







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