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Main Terminal (Richard A. Kawakami Terminal)


The Lihue Airport terminal is located on the right side of the airport entry road. All passenger services are located on one level.  Signs are uniform and make use of standardized international symbols.


The Terminal was dedicated on February 25, 1987 and became operational the next day. It replaced the original terminal built in 1950. The terminal has four large holding rooms to accommodate waiting passengers. Each holding room has two gates with loading bridges to connect the terminal to the aircraft. The central lobby features a gift shop, flower shop, newsstand, restaurant and snack bar.


The terminal has 500 public and 200 employee parking stalls. A separate U-drive building is centered across from the main terminal. Bus parking stalls are provided for tour groups at each end of the terminal next to the baggage claim facilities. An expanded roadway system, parking lot and utility systems, and new maintenance baseyard were completed in 1987.


The terminal was named in honor of the late Speaker of the Hawaii House of Representatives Richard A. Kawakami, a 10-term member of the House from Kauai.  The terminal was dedicated to Kawakami on December 2, 1988.  A bronze bust of Kawakami was unveiled and dedicated during the ceremony. Representative Kawakami died in May 1987.  He was first elected to the House in 1968 and became majority leader of the House in 1984 and Speaker in 1987.  He represented the Sixteenth District on Kauai which included Waimea, Koloa, Poipu and the islands of Niihau and Lehua.


Representative Kawakami’s wife, Bertha, was appointed to fill his vacant seat in the House following his death.  Bertha Kawakami was re-elected to the seat 10 times, serving as Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Finance for 14 years before her retirement from the House in 2006.


The terminal houses the following airlines and services. 



Alaska Airlines

American Airlines



Island Air

United Airlines

U.S. Airways







Luggage Carts

Newspaper Stand




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