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The Hawai`i State Law Library System (SLLS), established in 1966 and formally recognized in 1969 by Supreme Court order, collects, organizes and disseminates information and materials related to legal research and judicial administration. The Supreme Court Law Library in Honolulu, which serves as the administrative headquarters, and the satellite branches in the Second, Third, and Fifth Judicial Circuits are unified into one system under the direction of the State Law Librarian. The operation of the SLLS is governed by Rule 12 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Hawai'i.

   (a) Availability. The law library of the supreme court is a legal reference library and shall be available to all who have need of its resources for legal research and study.
   (b) Regulations. The law library shall be governed by the regulations made by the law librarian with the approval of the chief justice.
   (c) Withdrawals. No books or other publications shall be withdrawn from the law library except as authorized under the regulations.
   (d) Penalties. Violation of any regulations shall subject the offending party to liability for loss or damage, summary suspension or permanent deprivation of the facilities and privileges of the law library, or such other disciplinary action as shall be determined by the supreme court.

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The mission of the libraries is to provide current and comprehensive legal reference and information services to the Judiciary, legal community, state and county governments, and the general public. To accomplish this goal, the libraries acquire and make available primary and secondary legal resources in print, microforms, audio and video tapes, CD-ROMs, online services, and Internet access.

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The collections of the libraries include materials in print, microfilm, microfiche, audio, video and CD-ROM formats. The contents of the materials cover primary law for all federal and state jurisdictions, as well as, practice materials for all major areas of law. The Library also subscribes to a variety of electronic resources available via public access computers and the Internet. Special collections include forms and publications aimed at the general public and pro se litigants.

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