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KOA Staff

Chauncey Wong Yuen is the Hawaii District Airports Manager.  He manages the four airports on the Island of Hawaii from his office at Kona International Airport at Keahole.  The Assistant Airports District Manager is Steven J. Santiago who is based at Hilo International Airport. The Hawaii District includes Kona International Airport at Keahole, Hilo International Airport and Waimea-Kohala and Upolu airports.


Staff at KOA includes:


Chauncey Wong Yuen

Hawaii Airports District Manager

(808) 327-9520


Nicole Sauer

Secretary II

(808) 327-9520


Pauline Zanger

Assistant Airport Superintendent V

(808) 327-9520


Clyde Tamanaha

Assistant Airport Superintendent IV

(808) 327-9520


Julie Okuna

Business Services Supervisor II

(808) 327-9520


Donald Ouderkirk

Airport Fire Commander

(808) 327-9503


Ed Kihara

General Construction & Maintenance Supervisor

(808) 327-9510


Gay Okada

Visitor Information Program Supervisor

(808) 329-1190


David Bell

Airport Operations Control Supervisor

(808) 327-9520


David Hein

District Engineer        

(808) 327-9520


Stefan Borduz

Environmental Health Specialist                    

(808) 327-9520




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