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Airport Fact Sheet




Lihue Airport

3901 Mokulele Loop #6

Lihue, Hawaii 96766


IATA Designator




State of Hawaii

Department of Transportation (HDOT)

Airports Division


Airport Opening

Original Terminal: January 8, 1950

Current Terminal: February 25, 1987


Airport Location

21 58.6 N / 159 20.3 W

1.5 miles east of Lihue


Airport Elevation

153 feet MSL


Airport Land Area

879 acres


Control Tower

Lihue Tower


Air Space

Class D service (0600-2200L)

Class E (other times)


Active Runways

3/21    6,500 feet x 150 feet

17/35  6,500 feet x 150 feet


Cargo Terminal Buildings



Passenger Terminal

Kawakami Terminal


Terminal Space

xxx million square feet


Aircraft Gates

8 wide-body gates


Passenger Security Lanes

2 main checkpoint, 2 remote checkpoints 


Public Parking

500 spaces


Airport Employees

Airport Employees (LIH)  101

Airport Employees (other) 1,400


Aircraft Operations

Average 300 operations per day (air carrier, air taxi, general aviation and military)



Average 8,100 passengers per day


Passenger Services

Airline Lounge

Baggage Carts

Baggage Services

Curbside Check-In

Food and Beverage

Fresh Flowers & Leis

Greeting Services


Retail Shopping


Aviation Services

Air Cargo & Package Express Services

Aircraft Charter, Rental & Leasing Services

Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting

Aircraft Services & Maintenance

Flight Training


Ground Support & Services

Major A&P

Transient Parking


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