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Airport Construction

Electrical Vault for EDS Integration Improvements

Upgrades to the electrical systems, which also supports the installation of the EDS Baggage Screening Equipment.  Started: October 1, 2007.  Estimated Completion: January 31, 2009.  Project Manager: (808) 838-8847.


EDS Integration Improvements, Phase II

Demolition of existing Baggage Handling System & Installation of New Baggage Handling System, including expansion of the Baggage Make-up Area, addition of new ETD Room, OSR Room and Construction Management Office building, relocation of the existing construction management office building and related water, sewer, storm drainage, electrical and mechanical systems, AC pavement, fencing and miscellaneous site improvements.  Started: May 15, 2008.  Estimated Completion: July 24, 2010.  Project Manager: (808) 838-8826.


Fuel Storage Site Development

Site development and infrastructure for the future fuel storage site, which includes but is not limited to utilities to the site, grading and roadway extension of Kaonawai Place.  Started: March 25, 2009.  Estimated completion: December 18, 2009.  Project Manager: (808) 838-8826.


Runway Safety Area Improvements, Phase II

Removal of obstructions for 300 feet or as shown on the construction drawings on each side of runway centerline; grading and converting open swale to underground drainage systems; asphalt concrete perimeter road; chain-link and wood fence; water distribution system & related work.  Started: March 23, 2009.  Estimated completion: November 6, 2010.  Project Manager: (808) 838-8826.

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