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State Procurement Office Overview on Government Contracting

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SUMMARY: Government contracting involves numerous statutes and requirements that departments and agencies must meet, which includes the “procurement process” to contract for goods, services or construction. The enclosed Overview on Government Contracting delineates the procurement requirements along with the many other requirements. The enclosure illustrates that the numerous statutes and requirements collectively results in a lengthy and complex government contracting process. For example, Attachment A reveals that a typical DAGS capital improvement project from inception to completion of the project is on average 20-40+ months. Within this time period, the “procurement process” which includes the bidding period, obtaining building permits and compliance documents as highlighted in yellow, is 3-6 months. In effect, any additional requirements (i.e. statutory, administrative rules, agency requirements, etc.) and/or reductions in resources will correspondingly lengthen the current contracting process.

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