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Public Works Division - EIS Exemption Notices

Chapter 343, HRS, establishes a system of environmental review at the state and county level which will ensure that environmental concerns are given appropriate consideration in decision making along with economic and technical considerations. Hawaii’s environmental impact statement (EIS) law requires the preparation of environmental assessments and environmental impact statements for many development projects.

The law also establish procedures whereby specific types of actions, because they will probably have minimal or no significant effects on the environment, are declared exempt from the preparation of an environmental assessment. These procedures include the establishment of agency exemption lists which are reviewed and approved by the Environmental Council. Also, agencies are required to keep a record of their exemption notices which shall be made available for public review.

For additional information on Hawaii's environmental laws, please visit the Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC) website at

The DAGS Exemption List dated June 26, 1996, is available on the OEQC website at

Listed below are the Exemption Notices for the DAGS Public Works Division.


Hawaii Community Correctional Center

Demolish Administration Building

DAGS Job No.: 11-27-5572

60 Punahele Street

Hilo Hawaii 96720


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