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Chinese Delegation Visits PWD to Learn DAGS Construction Processes

On April 27, 2007, the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS), Public Works Division (PWD) staff hosted an informational meeting requested by a three-member Chinese Construction Delegation that was on a mission to collect and compile information on standards or processes that could be used to control the construction cost for public facility developments in China.

The delegation was headed by Mr. Ming Wei, Director, Department of Building Standards, Ministry of Construction, and included Mr. Baichun Chi, Director, Department of Facility Management, Supreme Court of China, and Dr. Xiaomei Deng, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, currently on work assignment at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

PWD is fortunate to have on staff, Yingfan Xu, Engineer, Planning Branch, who coordinated the meeting agenda and acted as interpreter throughout the meeting. Mr. Xu's wife, Yifang Wang, graciously met the delegation members at their hotel and transported them to the meeting.

The meeting commenced with a welcome and introduction by DAGS Public Works Administrator, Ernest Y.W. Lau, in the Public Works Conference Room.

State Comptroller, Russ Saito, presented an overview of the general structure of Hawaii State government and DAGS' organization and responsibilities. In closing, Mr. Saito acknowledged Mr. Lau and the PWD staff for their involvement in this event, and thanked them for their high quality of projects and dedication to State service.

Mr. Ming Wei described the existing project budget control process in China, re-capped their findings from visits to Ottawa and Washington D.C., and explained that a possible outcome of their trip may be establishment and enforcement of reasonable and practical uniform building codes or standards.

POWERPOINT presentations on the PWD internal project process flows were made by Ralph Morita, Chief, Planning Branch, Don Inouye, Chief, Staff Services Office, Eric Nishimoto, Chief, Project Management Branch, and Lawrence Uyehara, Chief, Technical Services Office.

Prior to breaking for lunch, the Chinese Construction Delegation presented the Comptroller with a token of their appreciation.

During the lunch meeting at the Willows Restaurant, Ralph Morita discussed a typical Department of Education project to illustrate the PWD planning and workflow process. After lunch, everyone gathered in the Comptroller's office for a short tour.

The Chinese Construction Delegation members expressed their thanks to Mr. Saito and PWD staff for their hospitality and informational presentations. The members noted that they now have a better understanding of how our system works and may perhaps apply some concepts learned to improve their own processes. They kindly extended an invitation to Messrs. Saito and Lau to attend a workshop in China on this topic.

Photographs with DAGS staff and the Chinese Construction Delegation members were taken after which the members left for a meeting at Honolulu Hale with Mayor Mufi Hanneman and his staff

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