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Bid Specs and Plans Download Instructions

Download times may vary depending on your internet connection and the traffic on the network. The average file size is 20MB, however, some files are large and may take up to several hours. If you are unable to download a file you may get this information on CD or hard copy from the Public Works office.

Make sure that you have the following programs installed on your computer:

  • An Unzip Program:

    All the Construction Specifications and Plans files are compressed or zipped into one file for easier and quicker downloads. Once you have download the zipped file you will need an unzip program to extract these files.

    Download FreeZip FreeZip (Any unzip program is suffficient)


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader:

    The specifications are in .pdf format. To view .pdf files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Download Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader


  1. Create a Download Directory

    To keep track of the downloaded construction plans and specifications, you should save them in a special download folder or directory that you can use over and over. Once you create this folder and call it something obvious, i.e., Public Works Downloads, you’ll always know where to find your new downloaded files.

    For Windows operationg systems:

    • Right-click anywhere on the Windows desktop.
    • Select New and then Folder.
    • A new folder will appear on your desktop. Name the folder “Public Works
        Downloads” (or any name of your choice) then press Enter.
  2. Locate and Download your File
    Click on the link to begin the download of the compressed (.zip) file to your computer. The File Download box will appear. Click on the Save button to save your file.  Next, the Save As dialog box will appear and you can navigate to the Downloads directory you created in the previous section then click the Save button.

    NOTE: If you are unable to download these files first check with your local LAN administrator or ISP for assistance.

  3. Decompress the File

    Open your download folder. Double click on the file and it will automatically start the Upzip program. Your Unzip program you may have an option to "Use Folder Names".  Make sure that this option is selected. Click Unzip to extract your file. During the process, you will be prompted to pick a location of where the decompressed files should be written. Pay attention to this and be mindful of what you select or you will have difficulty finding the files once they have been decompressed. Once your file has been unzipped successfully, click the OK button and the Close button.

  4. View your Files

    Once your file is decompressed, it can be viewed. To view the bid specs open the .pdf file (adobe reader file) named with the job name. To view the plans double click on the plans.bat file.  The MaxView program will start with all the plans pages loaded.

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