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The Public Utilities Commission (“PUC” or “Commission”) is an agency administratively attached to the Department of Budget and Finance ( The Commission engages in the regulation of all chartered, franchised, and certificated public service companies that provide electricity, gas, telecommunication, private water and sewage, and motor and water carrier transportation services, and other entities as required by law in the State of Hawaii (“State”).  The Commission has quasi-judicial authority to establish and enforce administrative rules and regulations, and set policies and standards on service quality, operational safety, accounting methods and records, prescription of rates, tariffs, charges and fees, and acts on requests for the acquisition, sale, disposition, or other exchange of utility properties including mergers and consolidations.  The public will be able review the PUC’s Recovery Act Reports on its website at:



Federal Award ID


Award Amount

Link to Recovery Plan 

Individual Responsible for Award

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Recovery Act - State Electricity Regulators Assistance - State of Hawaii


Updated 5/13/10

Brooke K. Kane
Ph: 808-586-2020

Wendy A. Takanishi
Ph: 707-586-2020


ARRA Recovery Team 

Position/Function Contact Information  
ARRA Coordinator (Primary)                                           Name:
Phone No.:
Carlito P. Caliboso
ARRA Coordinator (Back-Up) Name:
Phone No.:
Brooke K. Kane

Administrative Service Officer or Chief Financial Officer Name:
Phone No.:
Tracy M. Ban


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