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State Agency Recovery Plans

Each state agency who receives ARRA funds is required to create an ARRA recovery plan and post it on-line at this website.  An ARRA recovery plan is created by the state agency’s ARRA recovery team. 
Each ARRA recovery plan will have the following sections:
• Overview 
 *  The purpose of the ARRA grant.
 *  When the ARRA grant became available, when it was applied for, and when it was awarded.

• Use of Funds
 *  The theory of action behind the approved use of funds: the logic behind how the projects and activities selected will produce the desired outcome.
 *  Description of the public process (if any) used to make ARRA funds available.
 *  Who or whom approved use of the funds and when.
If you would like additional information about a particular ARRA award, please contact the ARRA coordinator for the respective state agency directly.   Contact information can be found at the links below. 
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